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Trinity consistently provides six distinct benefits to its students:​​​​​​​

Lead in High School

Our graduates achieve at a higher level in high school than many of their peers. Their years at Trinity equip them with the Christian values, foundational knowledge, critical thinking skills, self-discipline and personal confidence to thrive both as students and as leaders within the high school communities.

Teacher Dedication and Commitment

We are vigorously modeling and teaching the love of Christ from the very first moment our doors open for morning Extended Care until the last child is picked up at the end of the school day.  Our faculty are continually researching, evaluating and applying teaching innovations and new classroom technologies that will enhance your son or daughter’s level of participation, interaction with fellow students, and individual achievement.

Life-long Learners

Our faculty members, some of whom are Trinity graduates themselves and many of whom have entrusted Trinity with their own children’s education, are as skilled as they are passionate.  Our teachers leverage their God-given talents to teach, mentor, guide and ultimately inspire each child to be a life-long learner. We encourage each child to embrace the pursuit of new knowledge, empowering an average student to be good, a good student to be great, and a great student to be exceptional.

Receive the Attention You Deserve

We will love your children as if they are our own, ensuring they always receive the individual focus and continuous encouragement they deserve. Whether that means adapting our teaching approach to accommodate  personal learning styles or spending additional one-on-one time with them before or after school, our teachers strive to help your children succeed.

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From sports to choir to drama or robotics, Trinity provides your child with daily opportunities to discover new things about themselves. These are things children won’t find in a textbook:  a talent they did not know they possessed, a newfound interest they never dreamed of exploring, or just a piece of music that simply makes their heart beat faster.

Build Your Confidence

Trinity graduates are confident in themselves and in their Christian values. So months or even years from now, when they are inevitably faced with a difficult personal decision of real consequence, your son or daughter will have the character and courage to make the right decision.