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Student Council

At Trinity two students from each sixth – eighth grade are chosen by their classmates to work together with the administration and faculty within the framework of a constitution or bylaws to impact the school community. Students initiate, implement, and work on projects and activities which will help the student body, the administration, and the community. Student Council provides for a viable means for student expression and self-direction, while teaching respect for law and order. Students at Trinity are involved in problem-solving procedures, meeting with faculty on upcoming school wide events, creating school spirit all while representing their class. Student Council also sponsors the middle school dances, and our school-wide spirit days.


National Junior Honors Society

The National Junior Honor Society is an organization that recognizes not only academic achievement, but other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. At Trinity, any seventh or eighth grade student can become eligible for membership into the Honor Society. Students are expected to complete community service hours and be active volunteers at Trinity and within the community.

One requirement for membership is scholastic eligibility. A cumulative GPA of 93% or better after three marking periods is necessary to be considered for NJHS. This does not guarantee acceptance into NJHS.

The second requirement for possible induction into NJHS is an evaluation by the Faculty on the student’s leadership, service, character, and citizenship.

Once students have been chosen, an induction service is held. Parents, family members, Faculty, and school board are invited to attend.

Students meet weekly to plan for service projects and fundraisers in preparation for attending the LEAD conference each spring.