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General music touches all aspects of learning, including the psychomotor, the cognitive, and the affective. Students at Trinity, grades Kindergarten through Eighth, receive music classes with a trained musician at least once a week. Utilizing the Orff method, our children experience music learning through music, movement, dance, drama, and speech. Students learn things from music theory and history, to the process of playing an instrument. This serves as a strong foundation as they move on to other areas of music exploration.

At fourth grade, students are encouraged to try out or experiment with some of the instruments that are taught through our band program and the students can start lessons. Trinity uses an outside source called Striving Up Music. A certified band instructor comes to our school to teach lessons and work on performance numbers with any of the students interested. Students take band as a part of their class schedule. Parents find this to be a favorable option rather than taking lessons after school or in the evenings.

Trinity, with the help of extremely talented parent volunteers, presents two theatre productions each year. The fall production is open to students in 3rd through 5th grade. The spring production is open to students in 6th through 8th grade. We produce everything from musicals to comedies, to dramas. Students learn oral communication skills, the ability to work with a group and individually, time budgeting skills, adaptability and flexibility, ability to work under pressure, and in front of a group. Students build leadership skills and self-confidence, plus they have LOTS of fun.  

Some of our recent productions include Campfire Stories and The VanMorte Gallery of Astonishing Curiosities and Forgotten Antiquities, both written and produced by our very own 7th grade homeroom teacher, Ms. Piel.  There are also plenty of opportunities for both parents and children to work behind the scenes helping to paint and construct sets and props and helping with the lights and sound.

Students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade experience art classes at least once a week with a specialized art teacher. Students learn basic principles of drawing and painting with a variety of mediums. They create collages, 3D art, clay figures and much much more. Students are taught divergent and creative thinking skills. We teach hands-on learning that can be integrated into the school and the whole child.

Our Spanish program starts in Kindergarten and continues through Eighth grade. K-4 Spanish meets weekly and enjoys singing, reading Spanish stories, and learning about Hispanic culture. Our Fifth and Sixth grade classes meet twice weekly. Emphasis shifts toward a more academic class, acquiring vocabulary, celebrating Hispanic culture and theme-based chapters in our textbook “Exploring Spanish”.

Seventh and eighth grade Spanish continues to build student’s vocabulary and conversation skills. We celebrate ”Dia de los Muertos” and “Cinco de Mayo”. Students who have participated in four years of middle school Spanish at Trinity have the advantage of “testing out” of a whole year of high school Spanish and will begin high school in second-year Spanish.